In order to add little baby Cromimis to your rodent family, you must breed a male and a female rodent of the same species (Hamster or Mouse). The same applies to the Ferrets. To reproduce, you and your Cromigirl must have fulfilled these requirements:

  • You must be level 10.
  • Your cromimis must be healthy.
    Cromimi Wiki Pregnant Hamster
  • Your adopted cromimis both must be at least 5 days old in order to become pregnant on day 6. The site is somewhat misleading regarding when cromimis may actually become pregnant. However, if you are breeding offspring of the cromimis you already bought from the petshop, then both must be at least 9 days old in order to become pregnant on day 10.
  • Your cage must be cleaned.
  • You must have one baby bottle, one moses blanket, and one love nest in your cage. You can buy these at the Pet Shop. Just click on "For the Level" once you reach level 10.
  • You must have your two cromimis flirt with each other until they have at least 3/5 full hearts of love. You can check this by clicking "My Cromimi" in the top navigation bar, then clicking "Relationships" on the pink card to the right of each cromimi (see the picture above).
  • You will need to buy the book about Birthing. It will cost you 300 gold mimis. Preparing for crobabies isn't cheap!
  • The female cromimi you are breeding must not have given birth to any babies in 10 days. This means that she may have had babies grow up on day 9 of their little lives, but she needs one more day to recooperate until she can become pregnant again!

Once your female becomes pregnant, you will recieve a large notification saying CONGRATULATIONS on top, and underneath there will be a picture of your pregnant female(s). Cromimis can have either one baby or two babies each time they give birth, and if you just can't wait to find out how many she'll have, you can visit Dr. Ham (50 gold mimis) to find out. If you don't, it won't cause any harm and your cromigirl will give birth within the same time period and the babies will be perfectly fine, which isn't terribly clear in the game itself.

Your cromigirl will be pregnant for 5 days (she will give birth on day 5). Taking care of your crobabies is another category entirely, however!

Now what? You might want to read on about Crobabies !

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