Your crobabies go through 2 stages before they will become an adult.


PINKIE STAGE:  On the 5th day of pregnancy, your cromigirl will give birth to either one or two babies. You will be prompted to name them right away (don't worry, you can always change their names later!). They will appear hairless, with black dots for eyes, and look quite a bit like chewed bubble gum. They cannot be bottlefed at this stage. They are entirely dependent on their mother and don't need you to do anything for them. They stay at this stage for 3 days.

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CHILD STAGE:  After 3 days, they enter their "teenager" stage, as it is sometimes referred to, and at this time you will be able to see what their fur looks like! Their eyes will remain closed and they have two positions: awake and asleep. Yes, awake with closed eyes, of course! The screenshot to the right shows a cromimi in this such stage. Aww! You are now able to bottle-feed your crobaby. Remember to follow the on-screen directions and take the bottle away from your baby's mouth when it wants to take a moment to breathe. You gain 100 power mimis each time you bottle-feed a baby. 

Your crobaby is a baby for a total of 8 days. On the 9th day, they will turn into an adult and you will be able to choose which cage they will live in. They can become pregnant the very next day as long as you make sure you have all the requirements for pregnancy. See Breeding for more info.

See the official crobaby guide here:,1-guide-everything-about-your-crobabies.htm#/monRongeur, but note that not all the information is up-to-date! For example, cromimis give birth after 5 days, not 6.

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